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What Does Love Have To Do With Outreach?

Loving people to reach them instead of seeing outreach as an assignment. Continue reading

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Preparing the Soil of our Hearts

In the name of Jesus, we can prepare the soil of our hearts… Continue reading

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CM Connect Breakout Session – Slow Motion: How Slowing Down Will Move Your Ministry Forward

Something that has been coming up over and over again, is the notion of slowing down. Just yesterday, I was text messaging with a friend. She commented that I am the busiest person she knows. That’s saying a lot because … Continue reading

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November 9 

Tomorrow is the day. We will go to the polls and vote for the next President of the United States. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for this election to be over.  As my husband and I … Continue reading

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Be Kind One To Another

This election cycle has brought out the worst in everyone! I am so weary from this current election cycle. It’s not just one party, but both, that is super nasty. I, personally, tend to enjoy politics (to a degree), but … Continue reading

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